Faronics Data Igloo

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Data Igloo自動數據重定向

Automated Data Redirection
Faronics Data Igloo allows Deep Freeze users to exempt specified data folders or entire user profiles from being Frozen by redirecting it to a Thawed partition.

開發商: Faronics Corporation.
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簡單 -沒有需要學習有關NTFS交接點或複雜的程序,以創建數據重定向。 直觀,易於使用,數據伊格盧允許用戶重定向數據或用戶配置文件在短短幾分鐘內沒有任何培訓。 一個簡單的點擊界面允許用戶選擇的源數據,選擇目標ThawSpace,和移動數據。 今後的任何變化或新的數據將被自動重定向並保存在指定的解凍分區。

無縫 -最終用戶是不知道的任何變化,數據伊格盧的重定向數據使得它看不見的最終用戶。 在工作站上的一切看起來和以前一樣的功能。最終用戶不需要學習新的工作流程,也不需要任何額外的訓練。

安全 -數據伊格盧允許用戶保留重要數據在重新啟動在結冰的工作站。 由於這些數據是存儲在解凍分區,操作系統仍然是在結冰的分區,並充分保障。 保留的數據可以包括用戶創建的文件,文件,設置,收藏夾,甚至整個影音更新或用戶配置文件。

Faronics Data Igloo allows Deep Freeze users to exempt specified data folders, entire user profiles, or even registry keys from being Frozen by redirecting them to a Thawed partition (or ThawSpace), while keeping the operating system partition completely protected.

Simple – No need to learn about NTFS Junction Points or complicated procedures to create data redirection. Intuitive and easy to use, Data Igloo allows users to redirect data or user profiles in just a few minutes without any training. A simple point and click interface allows users to select the source data, select the target ThawSpace, and move the data. Any future changes or new data will automatically be redirected and saved on the designated Thawed partition.

Seamless – The End User is unaware of any changes as Data Igloo’s redirection of data renders it invisible to the End User. Everything on the workstation looks and functions as before. End Users are not required to learn new workflows nor do they need any additional training.

Safe – Data Igloo allows users to retain vital data across restarts on a Frozen workstation. Since this data is stored in a Thawed partition, the operating system is still on a Frozen partition and remains fully protected. Retained data can include, user created files, documents, settings, favorites, AV Updates or even entire user profiles.