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Faronics Power Save Mac自動節能

Automated Energy Conservation
Faronics Power Save uses intelligent power management to ensure workstations are saving energy and money when they are not being used.

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降低IT能源  開支和浪費

一年多來,一個典型的台式電腦可以使用多達 100美元

的能源費用和870千瓦小時的電力! Faronics節電顯著降低這些數字。

省電的PC提供電源管理,不干擾用戶或IT需求。 省電保持計算機運行當用戶需要時,他們準確地確定計算機處於非活動狀態,使他們能夠關機。





•計劃喚醒遠程工作站使用喚醒局域網或在本地通過 Windows


•與雙方 的Windows 和 蘋果 電腦



•允許所有工作站要通過有效管理 的核心Faronics


Over a year, a typical desktop PC can consume up to $100 in energy costs and 870 kilowatt hours of electricity! Faronics Power Save significantly reduces these numbers.

Power Save delivers PC power management that does not interfere with user or IT requirements. Power Save keeps computers running when users need them and accurately determines when computers are inactive so they can be powered down.

Intelligent PC Power Management:

 • Analyzes CPU, disk, keyboard, mouse, network, and critical application activity before taking power management actions

• Saves open user documents prior to powering down computers

• Maximizes PC energy savings via Power Policies

• Scheduled workstation wakeups remotely using Wake-On-LAN or locally via Windows

• Gives users the ability to temporarily exempt their computers from power management

• Works with both Windows and Mac computers

• Runs Audit reports prior to activation to determine potential savings without affecting workstations

• Definitively proves its rapid return-on-investment through network-wide power consumption and savings reports

• Allows all workstations to be efficiently managed via Faronics Core

With an average savings of $50 per computer per year for every computer deployed, Power Save is the ultimate PC power management software solution for desktop and laptop computers.

Visit the Key Features page for a full listing of Power Save's capabilities and options.