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HelpBox 是一個強大的100%基於Web的服務台解決方案,它是完全可定制的,因此您可以定制系統,以滿足您的需求完全相符。 變換您的幫助台今天。

採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 

基於 Web的幫助台軟件輕鬆

運行順利,沒有時間的。 無論是日常保障任務自動化,監測和管理提供資訊科技

你需要的一切包括在內,所有在一令人驚訝的成本低。 HelpBox提供了一個簡單,可配置的解決方案,讓你
的保證,提供客戶服務首屈一指! 沒有更多的附加功能,沒有更多的模塊,沒有更多的突破預算。
HelpBox你想要做什麼,當你想要的,不是現成的。 HelpBox來擠滿了所有的先進功能

所以,不要付出更多的軟件不提供。 得到最可定制的,省錢的,基於 Web的服務台
軟件上市。 HelpBox。

更好的幫助台。 這一切都包括在內,有權開箱!

HelpBox is a powerful 100% web-based helpdesk solution, which is fully customizable so you can tailor the system to meet your needs exactly.

Web-Based Help Desk Software Made Easy

HelpBox, from Layton Technology is a web-based help desk solution that is so simple to use, you’ll have your operations
running smoothly in no time at all. Whether automating daily support tasks, monitoring and managing the delivery of IT
services, generating request logs, or tracking troublesome incidents, HelpBox can do it all!

Everything you need is included, all at one surprisingly low cost. HelpBox provides a simple, configurable solution, that gives you
the assurance of delivering customer service second to none! No more add-ons, no more modules, no more breaking the budget.
HelpBox does what you want, when you want, right out of the box. HelpBox comes packed with all the advanced features
you expect from a high-end solution but without the price tag.

So, don’t pay more for software that doesn’t deliver. Get the most customisable, money-saving, web-based help desk
software available today. HelpBox.

The better help desk. It’s all included, right out of the box!