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IP-guard,強大的IT管理軟體,是用來保護您的寶貴數據,疥癬員工的計算機使用和網上活動,並減輕系統管理。 它有效地保障知識產權,提高了工作效率,降低IT管理的工作量為各種規模的組織。 IP的後衛提供了無與倫比的,全面的功能,幫助您解決最棘手的問題是由於電腦的廣泛使用在辦公室。 它由14個模塊。 為了滿足不同客戶的需求,為客戶省錢,14個模塊,可隨意挑選和包裝根據不同的管理要求。

IP-guard, powerful IT management software, is used to protect your valuable data, mange employee’s computer usage and online activity, and ease system management. It effectively safeguards intellectual property, improves work productivity, and reduces IT management workload for organizations of all sizes. IP-guard provides unmatched and comprehensive features to help you solve most of the intractable problems which are caused by the extensive use of computers in offices. It consists of 14 modules. In order to meet different customers’ needs and save money for customers, 14 modules can be optionally selected and packed according to different management requirements.

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IP的後衛由14個模塊,每個模塊進行難以置信的功能。 它有效地保護數據安全,監視用戶的計算機和互聯網的活動,並簡化系統管理。
IP的後衛全面,有效地保護你的價值。 它有效地防止數據洩漏,通過各種渠道(例如電子郵件,即時消息應用程序,可移動存儲設備,印刷)
IP的後衛,不僅使您可以檢查使用'文件的行動,電子郵件活動,即時通訊活動和印刷活動,但也備份文件才修改。 它會自動保存一個副本的傳入和傳出的電子郵件,即將離任的附件,即時信息和文件的印製後者審查。
IP的後衛提供了屏幕監控功能,讓您直觀地了解用戶到底做了他們的電腦。 它記錄用戶的屏幕快照詳細。
IP的後衛自動收集的硬件和軟件信息的電腦在您的每一個代理公司。 它可以讓你得到一個明確的概念有多少IT資產在你的公司和他們有什麼特性只是在很短的一段時間。
該接口的IP - Guard是方便用戶。 您可以輕鬆地設置任何政策,以控制用戶的電腦使用沒有任何培訓。
IP的後衛速度快,安裝在您的計算機。 許多軟件需要天才能部署和安裝在計算機內所有的組織,但IP -後衛只需要幾個小時才能安裝數以千計的電腦。

Rich Features, Powerful Function
IP-guard consists of 14 modules and each module carries incredible functions. It effectively protects data security, monitors users’ computer and internet activities, and eases system management.
Central Management
IP-guard enables you to centrally control and monitor users’ computer and internet usage whenever and wherever you are.
Comprehensive Data Protection
IP-guard comprehensively and effectively protects what you value. It efficiently prevents data leakage through various channels (e.g., email, IM application, removable storage device, printing)
Powerful Monitoring
IP-guard not only enables you to check uses’ document actions, email activity, IM activity and print activity, but also backs up documents before they are modified. It automatically saves a copy of incoming and outgoing emails, outgoing attachments, instant messages and documents printed for your latter review.
Visual Screen Logging
IP-guard provides screen monitoring feature to let you visually know what users are exactly doing with their computers. And it records users’ screen snapshots in detail.
Remote Troubleshooting
IP-guard enables you remotely diagnose and fix system failures without leaving your workstation in order to quickly solve the problems and shorten system downtime.
Accurate IT Inventory
IP-guard automatically collects the hardware and software information of every agent computer within your company. It lets you get a clear idea of how many IT assets are in your company and what are their properties just in a short while.
Easy to Use
The interface of IP-guard is user-friendly. You can easily set any policy to control users’ computer usage without any training.
Fast Installation
IP-guard is fast to be installed on your computers. Much software requires days to be deployed and installed on all the computers inside the organization, but IP-guard only requires several hours to be installed on thousands of computers.
Completely Invisible to Users
IP-guard agent is running in the background and it is completely invisible to users.