nGenius Service Assurance Solution

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nGenius Performance Manager for NetFlow是一個在全球基礎設施内監控網路和應用性能的企業級軟體系统。

nGenius Performance Manager 是監控網路和應用性能的企業級軟體解决方案。

開發商: NetScout Systems, Inc.
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nGenius Analytics for Flows



分析的nGenius ®為流動利用NetFlow的談話資料 的nGenius收藏家 提供的IT人員與預警系統,自動檢測和診斷異常援助網絡和應用的使用。 一些效益分析為使用的nGenius流量包括:

  • 儘早發現潛在的問題
  • 少,更有意義的警示
  • 更快,更準確的診斷根源
  • 降低平均時間分辨率(平均修復時間)
  • 提高IT員工的工作效率和滿意度

nGenius Analytics for Flows

Automatically analyzes NetFlow records from nGenius Collectors for utilization anomalies

The current state of troubleshooting is still very much reactive; however, IT teams are conscientiously working toward becoming more proactive. To maintain high service levels in the face of growing network complexities and interdependencies, operation teams will need to adopt technologies that provide early warning of impending performance problems by automating the detection of anomalies and providing contextual evidence for faster, more accurate diagnosis.

nGenius Analytics® for Flows leverages NetFlow conversation information fromnGenius Collectors to provide IT staff with an early warning system to automatically detect and aid in diagnosing anomalous network and application usage. Some of the benefits to using nGenius Analytics for Flows include:

  • Earlier identification of potential issues
  • Fewer, more meaningful alerts
  • Faster, more accurate diagnosis of root cause
  • Reduced mean time to resolution (MTTR)
  • Increased IT staff productivity and satisfaction