Netop Live Guide

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Netop Live Guide

基於 Flash的通信在您的網站

內托普生活指南 是一個獨特的通訊平台,提供易於使用的音頻和視頻通過互聯網。 現在,它很容易進行現場,實時對話之間的參展商和觀眾在網站上。 內托普Live指南提供了高可用性和可用性在所有主要平台強大的功能相結合with一組合,這將讓你的公司,以提高轉換率,lower service costs,並提高客戶滿意度。 由於該產品是基於普遍的Adobe Flash Player你可以放心,該解決方案可在任何計算機上。 沒有下載或額外的硬件需要。

Netop Live Guide 

Flash-Based Communication on Your Web Site

Netop Live Guide is a unique communication platform that offers easy to use audio and video via the Internet. Now it’s easy to engage in a live, real time dialogue between your organization and visitors on your Web site. Netop Live Guide provides high usability and availability on all major platforms combined with a strong feature set that will allow your company to increase conversion rates, lower service costs, and increase customer satisfaction. Since the product is based on the pervasive Adobe Flash Player you can be assured that the solution will work on any computer. No download or extra hardware is needed.





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您可以輕鬆快速地整合 內托普Live指南 在您的網站。 該解決方案可定制,以滿足您的佈局和企業品牌。


內托普生活指南 是一個託管解決方案。 我們做工作,我們專門內托普服務器,因此您不必!


該解決方案是基於Adobe Flash播放器已在全世界普及的98%以上。 任何一個客戶都能達到您使用 內托普生活指南。

Increased online sales

Studies show that customers are far more likely to choose your company and return to your Web site if you provide the best online service.

Instant customer support

Instant access to an advisor on your Web site will put your company ahead of the competition.

Reduced operating costs

When your customer service representatives have instant access to your customers they increase conversion rates and lower service costs.

Easy Integration

You can easily and quickly integrateNetop Live Guide on your Web site. The solution can be customized to suit your layout and corporate branding.

Hosted ASP

Netop Live Guide is a hosted solution. We do the work on our dedicated Netop servers so you don’t have to!

Any platform

The solution is based on Adobe Flash Player which has a worldwide ubiquity of more than 98%. Any customer can reach you using Netop Live Guide.