Netop Live Banner

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Netop Live Banner

Netop Live Banner: 通過Flash Banner 現場對話

Netop Live Banner 是一個基於閃存的網絡攝像頭解決方案,從而有可能把員工-生活和實時-在橫幅上顯示的外部活動的網站。現在,您可以達到的潛在客戶直接在線新聞門戶網站或通過網絡廣告。 您的潛在和現實的客戶可以看到,聽到和你聊天,直接在瀏覽器-無麻煩的下載。

Netop Live Banner: Live Dialogue through Flash Banner

Netop Live Banner is a flash-based Web cam solution which makes it possible to place employees – live and in real time – in a banner displayed on an external campaign site. Now you can reach potential customers directly online through a news portal or Web ad. Your potential and present customers can see, hear and chat with you directly in the browser – with no troublesome downloads.


採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 


橫幅廣告可能達到數千客戶。 現場橫幅 增加您的在線銷售通過直接對話,實時。


現場橫幅 給你一個市場優勢,同時降低成本。 引進新產品,提高銷售效率,增加收入。


現場橫幅 可以部署在各種不同的配置與任何用戶環境,包括那些受到高度管制和複雜行業。


插入直播流視頻和音頻成為一個橫幅廣告。 客戶看到,聽到和直接與您聊天。 開始銷售權後,獲得他們的注意。


大多數網絡廣告是一種方法。 現場橫幅 給你即時的雙向溝通。 宣傳您的產品和實時回答問題。


現場橫幅 是您的實時對話的機會,與潛在客戶在線。 而不是被動的點擊,積極出售通過語音,聊天和視頻。

Increased online sales

Banner ads have potential to reach thousands of customers. Live Bannerincreases your online sales via direct dialogue in real time.

Lower the cost of operations

Live Banner gives you a market advantage while lowering your costs. Introduce new products, increase sales effectiveness and grow revenue.

Secure communications

Live Banner can be deployed in a variety of configurations to work with any user environment, including those of highly regulated and complex industries.

Live dialogue

Insert live-streaming video and audio into a banner ad. Customers see, hear and chat with you directly. Begin selling right after you get their attention.

Two-way communication

Most Web advertising is one way. Live Banner gives you immediate two-way communication. Promote your products and answer questions in real time.

Active selling

Live Banner is your opportunity for real time dialogue with potential customers online. Rather than a passive click, actively sell through voice, chat and video.