Netop Remote Control OnDemand

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Netop Remote Control OnDemand內托普按需提供支持,當用戶需要的任何地點,網絡,防火牆或什麼計算機的用戶登錄到。 而且,當涉及到幫助台支持,這意味著更快的解決問題,更好的服務,提高客戶滿意度。

內托普已採取了世界著名的遠程控制技術,創造了內托普按需使基於 Web的會議沒有任何幫助台防火牆配置。 當然,內托普按需無縫集成內托普遠程控制。

Netop OnDemand provides support when the user needs it regardless of location, networks, firewalls or what computer the user is logged on to. And when it comes to help desk support, that means faster problem resolution, better service, and greater customer satisfaction.

Netop has taken its world-famous remote control technology and created Netop OnDemand to enable Web-based help desk sessions without any firewall configuration. Of course, Netop OnDemand integrates seamlessly with Netop Remote Control.

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通過下載一個小的,自我執行的程序,最終用戶可以得到即時的支持,沒有防火牆的配置。 最重要的是,按需不會留下一個腳印。會議結束時,它刪除了最終用戶的計算機。


OnDemand的是安全與用戶確認的訪問和安全角色,以滿足最終用戶的安全政策。 此外,它不依賴於第三方的服務器來路由流量,並提供256位AES加密,確保所有會議的竊聽。




使用鍵盤和鼠標就像你坐在前面的最終用戶的計算機上 - 編輯註冊表,安裝補丁,驅動程序或拖放文件與互動,分屏文件管理器。


沒有電話,沒有問題。 由於內置的即時信息可以很容易地保持聯繫與最終用戶

Assist any user anytime

By downloading a small, self-executing program, end users can receive instant support without firewall configurations. Best of all, OnDemand doesn’t leave a footprint. When the session ends, it deletes from the end-user computer.

Stay secure

OnDemand is secure with user-confirmed access and security roles to meet end-users’ security policies. Furthermore, it does not rely on third party servers to route traffic and offers 256-bit AES encryption, securing all sessions from eavesdropping.

Solve user problems in a snap

Netop OnDemand is operational in seconds and you have a real-time copy of the end user’s desktop right on your screen. OnDemand allows you to quickly and easily see the exact issue for faster diagnosis and problem resolution.

Work like you are there

Use keyboard and mouse like you were sitting in front of the end user’s computer - edit registry, install patches, drivers or drag and drop files with the interactive, split-screen file manager.

Chat with the end user

No phone, no problem. With built-in instant messaging it is easy to stay in contact with the end user