Netop Vision6

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Netop Vision6

Netop Vision6


#1選擇教師,內托普 Vision6已經成為最流行品牌的課堂管理軟件,因為它使教學與計算機更容易,更有效。 Vision6使教師完成課堂電腦控制從一個易於使用的控制台,顯示每位學生的計算機屏幕。 監控學生的進步,學生在屏幕上進行演示,控制Web瀏覽和引導學生的學習從您的計算機與Vision6,教室管理軟件,以提高學生的成績證明。 獎金-只有Vision6提供了獨特的視覺教學,瓦按鈕控制學生電腦。 有沒有更簡單的方法來教導技術。   

Netop Vision6
Classroom Management Software

The easiest and most effective way to teach with technology

The #1 choice of teachers, Netop Vision6 has become the most popular brand of classroom management software because it makes teaching with computers easier and more effective. Vision6 gives teachers complete control over classroom computers from an easy-to-use console that shows each student computer screen. Monitor student progress, engage students with on screen demonstrations, control Web browsing and guide student learning from your computer with Vision6, the classroom management software that is proven to improve student performance.  Bonus – only Vision6 offers the unique Vision Teach-Pad for push button control over student computers. There is no easier way to teach with technology.   

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指導或限制Web瀏覽與衝浪鎖,Vision6插件,讓教師即時控制學生上網。 申請網站列出或阻止網絡連接的一點擊。



New version supports 64-bit operating systems - learn more

Engage the entire class

Demonstrate directly on student computers with screen-sharing technology that engages student attention, increases comprehension and improves retention of key concepts.

Guide student learning

Use chat to help any student through a tough problem right from the teacher's desk or take remote control of the student's computer to demonstrate a solution.

Focus student attention

Launch files, applications and web sites on student computers and block out distractions with App-Control, the Vision6 plug-in that keeps the whole class learning together.

Supervise student computer use

Monitor the whole classroom from the teacher's computer. Keep an eye on web browsing, identify students who need extra help and improve classroom time on task.

Control classroom Web surfing

Guide or limit Web browsing with Surf-Lock, the Vision6 plug-in that gives teachers instant control over student Internet access. Apply site lists or block internet access with one click.

Unique push-button controls

Only Vision6 is available with the Vision Teach-Pad, the one-of-a-kind tool that provides push-button control over classroom computers. There is no easier way to teach with technology.