Netop Pointer

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Netop Pointer



藝術的影響與指針,畫面上的批註工具軟件,20強調,縮放,聚光燈,放大,捕獲和註釋的任何計算機屏幕上。 更有效地展示和提升的經驗教訓,培訓材料和文件與此易於使用的軟件,可與簡報或任何其他Windows應用程序。 了解你的說法在親身或在遠處與指針的令人信服的介紹和註釋工具。 可作為一個獨立的應用程序或併入 內托普Vision6課堂管理軟件。

Netop Pointer
On-Screen Annotation Software

The best on-screen annotation tool for teachers, trainers and presenters

Presentations have impact with Pointer, the on-screen annotation software with 20 tools to highlight, zoom, spotlight, magnify, capture and annotate anything on your computer screen. Make more effective presentations and enhance lessons, training materials and documentation with this easy-to-use software that works with Powerpoint or any other Windows application. Get your point across in person or at a distance with Pointer's compelling presentation and annotation tools. Available as a standalone application or integrated with Netop Vision6 classroom management software.




採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 


您是否使用一個黃色熒光筆在您的文件? 想像一下,能夠使用一個在計算機屏幕上! 指針允許你強調關鍵詞和重要的短語。


使用指針的快照工具來捕捉圖像的任何東西在屏幕上。 單元整個屏幕或特定區域。 偉大的備課,或當用於 Vision6,捕捉學生的屏幕圖像。


指針的作品在任何Windows應用程序或軟件程序,你怎麼做。 突出和做筆記的文件,圖形或在屏幕上演示完全按照您將在紙面上。


使用指針的變焦和聚焦的工具,重點關注你想要的確切位置。 消除混亂,編號步驟一個複雜的過程。 影子或根據需要放大的文字。



內建 Vision6

指針可以作為一個獨立的應用程序或併入 內托普Vision6教室管理軟件,容易和有效的教學方法與技術。

Highlight key points

Do you use a yellow highlighter on your documents? Imagine being able to use one on your computer screen! Pointer allows you to emphasize key words and important phrases.

Capture screenshots

Use Pointer's snapshot tool to capture images of anything on your screen. Snap the whole screen or specific regions. Great for lesson preparation, or when used with Vision6, to capture images of student screens.

Works with any program

Pointer works in any Windows application or software program you do. Highlight and make notes in documents, graphics or presentations on your screen exactly as you would on paper.

Focus attention

Use Pointer's zoom and spotlight tools to focus attention exactly where you want it. Eliminate confusion by numbering steps in a complicated process. Shadow or enlarge text as needed.

Floating toolbar

Pointer's floating toolbar can be moved or docked to any part of your screen so it's never in the way and you can navigate effortlessly. The customizable toolbar contains all the tools you'll need to guide your audience.

Integrated with Vision6

Pointer is available as a standalone application or integrated with Netop Vision6 classroom management software, the easy and effective way to teach with technology.