New TqcRunas (2007.1 Edition)

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TqcRunas 這個軟件准許你執行runas 命令,對要加密的文件進行強烈地加密。

開發商:Quimeras Software Company

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新功能TqcRunas 2007.1版包括:

  • 該圖形界面TqcRunas現在是一個文件型接口。
  • TqcRunas文件(。全面質量管理的文件)可以通過編輯它的創造者。
  • 能夠使用當前登錄用戶的註冊表配置文件中執行的應用程序。
  • 映射驅動器和打印機在當前登錄的用戶會話將被自動映射和可在執行的程序。
  • 許多設置已被列入控制行為的執行方案。
  • 能夠使用數碼證書,雙重加密有關 runas設置。
  • 現在是可能的參數傳遞給加密的文件。
  • TqcRunas現在只有一個模塊:TqcRunas.exe

Product: New TqcRunas 2007.1 Edition
Platform: Windows 2000/XP/NET
Short Description: The power of RUNAS made scriptable, easy and secure.

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TqcRunas makes possible to execute runas commands from a strongly encrypted file where all the needed specifications are stored, allowing administrators to launch runas commands from scripts in an easy and secure way.

New features in TqcRunas 2007.1 Edition include:

  • The GUI of TqcRunas is now a document oriented interface.
  • TqcRunas documents (.tqc files) can be edited by it's creator.
  • Ability to use the current logged on user's registry profile in the executed application.
  • Mapped drives and printers in the current logged on user session will be automatically mapped and available in the executed program.
  • Many settings have been included to control the behavior of the executed program.
  • Ability to use digital certificates to double encrypt the runas settings.
  • Now is possible to pass arguments to the encrypted file.
  • TqcRunas is now only one module: TqcRunas.exe