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Heroix provides agentless application performance and network monitoring software今天是複雜的IT管理。 公司現在依靠Windows NT/2000和主機相關技術的互聯網,內聯網,外聯網和,雙方進行電子商務和管理自己的內部運作。 當問題發生時,他們必須盡快解決,使企業能夠繼續順利進行。

這就是Heroix RoboMon ®軟件可以提供幫助。 RoboMon降低了複雜的IT基礎設施管理通過自動檢測複雜的應用,系統和IT基礎設施問題,使他們可以固定在它們影響的用戶。

Managing IT today is complicated. Companies now rely on Windows NT/2000 and a host of related technologies for the Internet, intranets, and extranets, both to conduct eBusiness and to run their own internal operations. When problems occur, they must be solved quickly so that business can continue to run smoothly.

And that is where Heroix RoboMon® software can help. RoboMon reduces the complexity of IT infrastructure management by automatically detecting complex application, system, and IT infrastructure problems—so they can be fixed before they affect users.


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  • 工程開箱監視Windows NT/2000系統,OpenVMS等,以及廣泛的應用,沒有安裝所需。

  • 承認差異,新的,持久的,封閉的問題,所以IT人員了解情況。

  • 能發送事件在網絡中任何地方的基礎上,誰需要查看每個事件(例如,交流活動到Exchange組)。

  • 適用於任何行業標準的數據庫,如Access,SQL Server和甲骨文公司。

  • 沒有單點故障,沒有依賴一個中央控制台或網絡連接。

  • 生成最小的系統和網絡的開銷。

  • 非常易於部署和使用,無論是在小的配置和在大型企業。

Key Features

  • Works out of the box to monitor Windows NT/2000, OpenVMS, and a wide range of applications, with no setup required.

  • Recognizes the difference between new, persistent, and closed problems, so IT staff are kept informed.

  • Able to send events anywhere in the network, based on who needs to view each event (e.g., Exchange events go to the Exchange group).

  • Works with any industry standard database, such as Access, SQL Server, and Oracle.

  • Has no single point of failure, no dependence on a central console or on network connectivity.

  • Generates minimal system and network overhead.

  • Extraordinarily easy to deploy and use, both in small configurations and in large enterprises.