SNMPc network manager

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開發商: Castle Rock Computing
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Castle Rock Computing是第一家提供基於Windows的SNMP管理系統。 我們的旗艦產品,SNMPc的,是一種安全的分佈式網絡管理系統,提供主動實時監控您的整個網絡基礎設施。 先進的產品功能和易用性傳奇導致12萬元以上的網絡管理者信任SNMPc的監測他們的關鍵任務網絡。


SNMPc的企業版 採用了分佈式的監察投票代理人架構能夠提供高性能的解決方案能夠監測網絡設備,從幾百幾千幾萬。 遠程軟件和基於Web的控制台提供網絡信息,大家誰需要它。

SNMPc的工作組版 是一個負擔得起的版本SNMPc的適合於單個用戶和中小型網絡。


  • 顯示器 SNMP設備,廣域網鏈接,服務器和應用
  • 支持的SNMP v1,v2c和保護 SNMP第三版
  • 可擴展,分佈式體系結構
  • 電子郵件 /傳呼機事件通知
  • 獨立供應商 - 管理任何SNMP設備的任何供應商
  • 關鍵網絡指標(如利用)
  • 自動網絡及印刷趨勢報告
  • 生活/備用服務器具有自動故障轉移
  • 基線自動報警
  • 作為 Windows服務運行
  • 遠程控制台和Java訪問
  • 實時顯示的MIB
  • 自動網絡發現
  • &腳本編程接口
  • OEM版本可用

  • Introduction

    Castle Rock Computing was the first company to deliver a Windows based SNMP management system. Our flagship product, SNMPc, is a secure distributed network management system which delivers proactive real-time monitoring for your entire network infrastructure. Advanced product features and legendary ease of use have led to over 120,000 network managers trusting SNMPc to monitor their mission critical networks.

    Two versions of SNMPc are available:

    SNMPc Enterprise Edition employs a distributed polling agent architecture to provide a high performance solution capable of monitoring networks from several hundred devices to tens of thousands. Remote software and Web based consoles provide network information to everyone who needs it.

    SNMPc Workgroup Edition is an affordable version of SNMPc suitable for a single user and small to medium sized networks.

    Key Product Features:

  • Monitors SNMP devices, WAN Links, Servers and Applications
  • Supports SNMP v1, v2c and secure SNMP v3
  • Scalable, Distributed Architecture
  • Email/Pager Event Notification
  • Vendor Independent - Manages any SNMP device from any vendor
  • Key Network Metrics (e.g. Utilization)
  • Automatic WEB & Printed Trend Reports
  • Live/Standby Servers with automatic failover
  • Automatic Baseline Alarms
  • Runs as Windows Service
  • Remote Console & JAVA Access
  • Real-time MIB Displays
  • Automated Network Discovery
  • Programming & Scripting Interfaces
  • OEM Version Available

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