spector Pro

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Spector Pro

Spector Pro是世界上最值得信賴的監控軟件,同時也是功能最全面、使用最簡單的監控軟件。 不管是家庭環境還是辦公環境,有了Spector Pro你不用再擔心別人電腦上做什麼了。

開發商: SpectorSoft
採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 


斯佩克特臨記錄每一個細節的東西,他們在計算機上做 - 他們聊天,即時信息,電子郵件,他們訪問的網站,他們尋找,他們所做的事情在MySpace和Facebook的照片後,看看他們的擊鍵他們的類型,它們運行的程序等等。 並且由於其先進的監視屏幕截圖功能,你能看到的不僅是他們做什麼,但準確順序在其中他們做它,一步一步。


Selected as the Editors' Choice by the experts at PC Magazine
Spector Pro records every detail of what they do on the computer - their chats, instant messages, emails, the web sites they visit, what they search for, what they do on MySpace and Facebook, the pictures they post and look at, the keystrokes they type, the programs they run and much more. And because of its advanced surveillance screen snapshot features, you get to see not only WHAT they do, but the EXACT order in which they do it, step by step.

With Spector Pro, you will never doubt who is doing what on the computer.