Traffic Sentinel

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Traffive Sentinel



 隨著業務的成本不斷增加的網絡故障,快速識別和減輕威脅網絡的性能和可靠性變得至關重要。 這種威脅可能解決方案包括傳播的蠕蟲,拒絕服務攻擊,同儕,同儕活動,濫用服務,交通干擾和數據實時通信。 交通哨兵™結合了網絡範圍內監視複雜,多層,交換,路由和環境具有獨特的功能組合專門為迎接挑戰的引腳指出,解決任何威脅。

開發商: InMon Corp.
採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 

Traffic Sentinel 特色: 

  • 執行安全政策。
  • 識別可疑行為。
  • 快速應對安全威脅。
  • 確保服務質量。
  • 帳戶網絡使用情況。
  • 降低網絡成本。

Traffic Sentinel

Complete network visibility and control

Providing high performance and reliable network services is central to the success of today's organizations. As the business cost of network malfunctions continues to increase, rapid identification and mitigation of threats to network performance and reliability becomes critical. Such threats can includ e propagating worms, denial of service attacks, peer-peer activity, misuse of services, and data traffic interfering with real-time traffic. Traffic Sentinel™ combines network-wide surveillance of complex, multilayer, switched, and routed environments with a unique combination of features specifically designed to meet the challenge of pin-pointing and resolving any such threat.

  • Enforce security policies.
  • Identify suspicious behavior.
  • Respond quickly to security threats.
  • Ensure quality of service.
  • Account for network usage.
  • Reduce network costs.