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WebNM Enterprise Network MonitoringWebNM 是一個企業級網路,應用和計算機管理解決方案是完全基於網絡,易於維護和管理提供無限制的發牌節點,服務器,應用程序和SNMP設備。 WebNM包括以下所有產品的功能設置,提高他們的結合在後台的工具更容易交叉導航和信息共享。

開發商: Plixer International, Inc.
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WebNM is an enterprise class network, application and computer management solution that is completely web-based, simple to maintain and provides unlimited licensing for managing nodes, servers, applications and SNMP devices. WebNM includes all of the products below and enhances their feature sets by integrating the tools on the backend for easier cross navigation and information sharing.