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Astaro Command Center

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Astaro Command CenterAstaro的指揮中心是一個中央管理中的應用,使用戶能夠看到並與所有Astaro的產品,通過一個單一的登錄從即時硬件安全趨勢報告,信息,監測和管理所有設備成為一個高效和有效的過程。 只需幾個簡單的步驟,IPSec VPN隧道可以建立和政策可以被部署到許多設施。

開發商:Astaro AG
採購正式版、大量授權報價、技術支援、軟體諮詢、委託採購、詢問報價請來電 02-29299388 分機16 , 


在每一個網站,一Astaro的產品使用,活動和信息收集,管理員依賴。 而不是查看和使用這些數據單獨的Astaro的指揮中心,是中央點,你可以看到的信息連接的設備。

站點到站點 VPN配置

並作出不再VPN隧道兩個或多個站點之間需要一個“信息交換”登錄到每個設備和配置參數從另一端。 Astaro的指揮中心使構建 VPN隧道容易,即使幾十需要連接的設備。


該 Astaro的指揮中心讓你利用中央控制更新您的安全基礎設施。 利用同樣的技術作為我們的WebAdmin中,你可以看到你的固件版本和更新設施的運行所有這些同時進行。


庫存管理功能使審查 Astaro的一切連接到指揮中心。 顯示什麼類型的設備,目前正在管理的,隨著硬件規格相同數目的處理器和內存量,管理員可以跟踪他們的安全基礎設施是什麼,目前的組成。


取出需要記住複雜的網站的密碼和登錄信息。 使用加密的會話,你可以直接到設備的Web管理從內部 Astaro的指揮中心,而無需重新驗證。


避免重複任務,全局定義。 您可以使用使用Astaro的指揮中心集中定義對象,然後推他們到您的安裝,直接放置在目標對象設備庫存,隨時可用於建築的配置。


Astaro的指揮中心有一個中央報告引擎,它允許你選擇了20份報告和編譯單獨或合併多個安裝。 這可以讓你了解最訪問的網站在一個公司一個月,或總金額的帶寬由三個地點轉移到目前為止這個星期。


工作與公司的網絡使用政策可能很難當你有多個站點或分支機構維護。 中央管理的網頁內容過濾,您可以徹底改變或選擇性隨時調整,沒有必要先進的規劃和同步的努力。

當我們面臨的任務與建設和維護多個位置的防火牆規則,管理員往往不知所措,複雜的規則集必須手動創建和維持在每個站點,並呈指數增長添加更多的地方。 對於一般的中小企業的企業公司,有一個更好,更有效的工作方式與您的安全規則。

Real-Time Monitoring

At every site where an Astaro product is used, activity and information is gathered that administrators rely on. Rather than view and work with this data individually, the Astaro Command Center is the central point where you can see information on connected devices.

Site-to-Site VPN Configuration

No longer does making a VPN tunnel between two or more sites require an “information swap” by logging into each device and configuring parameters from the opposite end. Astaro Command Center makes building VPN tunnels easy, even if dozens of devices need to be connected.

Device Maintenance

The Astaro Command Center lets you take central control over updating your security infrastructure. Using the same technology as our WebAdmin, you can see what firmware version your installations are running and update them all simultaneously.

Inventory Management

Inventory management allows the review of everything connected to the Astaro Command Center. Showing what types of devices are currently being managed, along with hardware specifications like number of processors and amount of memory, administrators can keep track of what their security infrastructure currently consists of.

Access Management

Remove the need to remember complex site passwords and login information. Using encrypted sessions, you can dive directly into a device’s WebAdmin from within the Astaro Command Center without needing to re-authenticate.

Global Definitions

Avoid redundant tasks with Global Definitions. You can use to use the Astaro Command Center to centrally define objects and then push them out to your installations, placing objects directly in the target device inventory, ready to be used for building configuration.

Aggregated Reporting

Astaro Command Center has a central reporting engine which allows you to select and compile over 20 reports individually or combined across multiple installations. This can let you know the most-accessed site in a company for a month, or the total amount of bandwidth transferred by three locations so far this week.

Central Web Content Filter Configuration

Working with a company policy on web usage can be difficult when you have multiple sites or branches to maintain. With central management of Web Content filtering, you can make sweeping changes or selective adjustments anytime with no need for advanced planning and synchronization effort.

Central Packet Filter Rules
When faced with the task of building and maintaining firewall rules for multiple locations, administrators can often be overwhelmed by complex rule sets which must be manually created and maintained at each site, and grow exponentially as more locations are added. For the average SMB to the enterprise company, there is a better and more effective way to work with your security rules.