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IP*Works! SSL的主要功能是為桌面或網絡應用程序加入安全連接功能,包括網絡瀏覽安全、客戶端安全、服務器安全、郵件安全、數字證書安全和其他。

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SSL(安全鏈路層)是保證在互聯網上安全通訊的工業標準,而IP*Works! SSL的主要目的就是幫助客戶在其應用程序上實現這個安全標準。
Adds SSL security and digital certificate management to the base IP*Works! Internet Toolkit.

Works! SSL is a no-compromise, comprehensive suite of royalty-free SSL-enabled components. It brings unprecedented ease of use to Secure Internet Development with drop-in replacements for the components in the "classic" IP
Works! package, well known in the development community for their straightforward, intuitive interfaces, and powerful productivity features.