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It's YOUR web. Teach it some new tricks.
WebBatch 是一個用於WEB服務器的動態網站語言工具。 即使你不是程序員,僅僅是一個網站管理員,你也能夠編輯CGI 腳本語言。

開發商:Wilson WindowWare, Inc.
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You want a dynamic web site. One that changes every time someone visits. A site that remembers how they like to see things, or what they bought last time they came by. But do you really want to learn C or Perl (or even Unix )? C'mon, you're not a programmer, you're a webmaster.

WebBatch is here to change that. WebBatch is an easy-to-learn, yet extremely powerful, CGI scripting language for web servers.

If you've ever edited a DOS batch file or written a program in Basic, you'll feel right at home with WebBatch. And a page powered by WebBatch can do anything you want it to. (In fact, every page in this site was created with WebBatch. Click on the "How was this done?" button at left to see what's going on behind the scenes.)