CFX Graphics Server

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CFX Graphics Server boxshot.
CFX Graphics Server是用於Macromedia's ColdFusion的服務器端的高性能的圖表工具。

開發商: TeraTech Inc
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CFXGraphicsServer is a unique 100% server-side high-performance graphing and charting engine for Macromedia's ColdFusion (CFXGraphicsServer will only run under the Windows operating system. There is currenly no UNIX version available). 

CFXGraphicsServer coupled with Macromedia's ColdFusion enables Web developers to produce professional quality graphs and charts from real-time database sources. 

The CFXGraphicsServer is 100% server-side, requiring no additional client-side controls (eg. ActiveX or Java), making it safe for use within a corporate Intranet environment. CFXGraphicsServer returns the image to the browser in JPG or, PNG formats. Please note that the .GIF file format is not supported. 

Since its original release in 1990, the Graphics Server engine has set the industry standard for high-end data analysis and presentation, being incorporated into a number of Microsoft, Borland and Centura products. CFXGraphicsServer now offers the same functionality to over a hundred thousand ColdFusion developers. 

CFXGraphicsServer incorporates full 'Point & Click' drill-down capability to graphically present complex data at various levels of detail. The product incorporates over 30 graph types and styles for use in aesthetically demanding environments and over 100 possible graph attributes. It also includes a full VTML 'Visual Inference' that speeds up development: virtually no coding is required to generate graphs.