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文件傳輸不再是一個問題:在得到有關文件的時間,因為使用的帶寬最大.... Even在惡劣天氣下一個非常不穩定的衛星連接,使用every moment FileCatalyst的連接時間,發送文件通過。

開發商:Unlimi-Tech Software Inc.
台灣地區代理商,歡迎來信來電詢價與技術支援   02-29299388 分機10

It couldn’t have been easier; not only in terms of the technology itself, but because of the time and attention afforded us by the Unlimi-Tech engineering team.

—Kai Pradel, Founder and CTO, MediaSilo











該MonitoringAgent應用程序安裝分開FileCatalyst服務器,一個單獨的機器上只要有可能,以便它能夠獨立運作。 該MonitoringAgent目的是觀看和通過電子郵件發送警報或SNMP陷阱。 警報可能是基於事物,如:

  • 服務器健康:要警惕,如果FileCatalyst服務器無法達到
  • 文件傳輸成功,失敗,或取消
  • 蠻力攻擊檢測或其他用戶帳戶被鎖定
  • 身份驗證服務(例如LDAP,活動目錄)離線
  • 無效,過期或即將過期 FileCatalyst服務器許可證
  • 數據端口錯誤,數據連接失敗進入被動模式


FileCatalyst Server (Core Application)

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Fast File Transfer


User Accounts



Guaranteed Delivery

Email Alerts

Basic email alerts can be enabled on the HotFolder by the end-user; however, it is up to the FileCatalyst Server to carry out actual communication with the SMTP server. Disabling the option on the Server also allows you to globally disable e-mail alerts for end-users.

In addition to basic e-mail alerts, more sophisticated alerts may be sent out by the MonitoringAgent, an optional FileCatalyst application.

Remote Administration

FileCatalyst Server may be configured to allow remote administration. The Remote Administration Tool is visually and functionally identical to local administration. Reports, realtime inspection of traffic and user sessions, user management, and configuration updates are available using the same familiar tool—but from a remote location.


The MonitoringAgent application is installed separately from the FileCatalyst Server, on a separate machine whenever possible so that it can operate independently. The MonitoringAgent is designed to watch and send alerts via Email or with SNMP traps. Alerts may be based on things such as:

  • Server health: be alerted if the FileCatalyst Server cannot be reached
  • File Transfer success, failure, or cancellation
  • Brute force attack detected or user account otherwise locked
  • Authentication service (ie. LDAP, Active Directory) offline
  • Invalid, expired, or soon-to-expire FileCatalyst Server license
  • Data port errors; data connection has failed to enter passive mode

Additonal alarms are available, with even more alarms available as new cases are identified